III Mediterranean Forest Week

Forest and natural areas are an integral part of Mediterranean territories. They are a source of energy, food, income and many other goods and services. Global changes (changes in societies, lifestyles and climate change), evident in the Mediterranean region, affect badly these ecosystems (degradation and biodiversity loss, increase of fire hazards, desertification).

To meet these challenges:

• The political and administrative authorities at national, regional and local level, as well as the stakeholders and civil society must adapt their strategies and methods of governance to the objectives of sustainable development of these territories;

• Technicians are expected to develop and adapt good practices that should be broadcasted   and shared.

 After the success of the first two Mediterranean Forest Weeks, in 2010 in Antalya (Turkey) and in 2011 in Avignon (France), the Algerian authorities welcome this third edition in Tlemcen on the following issue: "Mediterranean forests for sustainable development of territories: what strategies of mitigation and adaptation to global change?"

This event is supported by the Algerian Government, FAO, the French Ministry of Agriculture, the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions–Silva Mediterranea and its Turkish Presidency, the German International Cooperation (GIZ), Plan Bleu, the Mediterranean Model Forests Network (MMFN), the European Forest Institute-Mediterranean office (EFIMED), the International Association for Mediterranean Forests (AIFM) and the forest Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC).

Objectives of the III MFW:

  • Strengthen exchanges and synergies between stakeholders involved in the integrated management of Mediterranean woodlands;
  • Launch, presentation and discussion on the State of Mediterranean Forests (SoMF);
  • Presentation and discussion on the draft of the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests (SFMF): policy orientations for integrated management of forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean landscapes;
  • Presentation and discussion of a roadmap on Innovative Mechanisms for Funding (IMF);
  • Adopt the Declaration of Tlemcen incorporating key elements of the SFMF and key points from the discussions of the Third Mediterranean Forest Week (III MFW);
  • Consult with the main potential beneficiaries of goods and services provided by the forest sector (agriculture, water, energy, environment, tourism, etc.) in order to incorporate their expectations and actions in the strategic direction of the forest sector in Mediterranean countries;
  • Prepare a presentation of the results of the III MFW for the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF 10) to be held in Istanbul (Turkey) from April 9 to 18, 2013.


  • Algerian students rate (can be payed in Algerian Dinars): 20€ + 3€ * = 23€
  • Algerian non-student participants (can be payed in Algerian Dinars): 30€ + 7€ * = 37€
  • MENA countries participants (Lebanon, Marocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey): 30€ +20€ * = 50€
  • MENA countries participants with poster accepted (Lebanon, Marocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey): 0€
  • Regular rate: 100 € + 20€ *= 120€

You can consult the payment options and proceed with the online payment here once you have completed your registration:


* Carbon compensation.

Compensation of “greenhouse gas emissions” caused by the 3rd Mediterranean Forest Week

We intend to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) caused by the 3rd Mediterreanean Forest Week (3 MFW) by taking into account the journey of the participants, the use of the conference rooms, the meals and accommodations, and the meetings organized to prepare the a.m. event.

This compensation will be materialized through tree planting in the National Park of Tlemcen not far from the conference site.

The quantity of GHG emissions of the 3 MFW is estimated to amount to 200 T CO2-equivalent (according to the calculator “Climat Mundi” http://www.climatmundi.fr/ considering 250 participants.

To compensate these emissions, we will need to plant trees on a 2 hectare surface.

The costs arising from this compensation scheme will be directly integrated in the 3 MFW inscription fees and differ according to the following participation categories:


Category Compensation amount (€/DZD)
Participant coming from inside Algeria – Professionnal 7€ / 715 DZD
Participant coming from inside Algeria – Student 3€ / 310 DZD
Participant coming from outside Algeria 20€ / 2045 DZD

During the week, each participant will receive a name tag displaying the message « carbon neutral », to certify that she or he is actively supporting the compensation mecanism.



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